Quick pit stop in Agonda

Before moving on to Rajasthan we spent a few days at Agonda Beach.

It’s even less crowded than Patnem, lots of places to do yoga, a windy street running through the town with stalls selling incense and handcrafted ornaments, amazing colourful trousers and silk pashminas.

Agonda beach

With a hut on the sand, no AC but a tremendous breeze from the ocean, no wifi as we were too far away from the main building (hence my lack of updates) we had the beach mainly to ourselves. After Breakfast of fresh fruit juice and pancakes we spent most mornings learning (one of us trying desperately) to body surf in the huge waves. Most of the time I was swallowed up and left behind with a new injury of some sort to mark the occasion.

Then in the evening the cows would congregate on the beach and we’d sit and watch night fall in a somewhat surreal crowd.


We ate at Fatima’s Corner every night. Surprised at how quiet the main street was, we wandered around looking for atmosphere. Other than the street sellers and their goods there was nobody around because the season ends in March.

Then we turned the corner to Fatima’s and couldn’t get a seat. It was as though everyone within a five mile radius had heard about it and for good reason. The food was outstanding. Salt and Pepper prawns, best ever. G had chicken tikka masala and said it’s the tastiest curry he’s had in his lifetime. I had Palak Paneer which has the potential to be a bit bland but this was something else. I’d bet my bottom dollar that you’d love it as much as we did. It’s a travellers paradise too. We had starters and sometimes dessert and never paid more than £13 for both of us.


Now we have bid farewell to the beach for a while to commence the part that we said would be ‘proper travelling’.

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