Dinner & Dirty Dancing, Goa

So it’s pretty much been eat, sleep, bathe, repeat since we arrived in Goa.

The most strenuous part of each day has been peeling our part poached persons off the sun loungers and deciding where to have dinner.

Jaali Café deserves its own mini post, it’s our favourite so far.

Jaali Cafe - Goa - India

Nestled in its own little oasis behind Patnem beach, it sits partially shaded under huge trees that are intertwined with fairy lights and lanterns.

Jaali Boutique - Goa - India-2

We skipped lunch and decided that we would go all out on an early dinner.

Indian Tapas - Goa - India

Uncertain about the sharing part but we’d give it a go.

We arrived  just after 4pm and much to our ravenous dismay, they only serve drinks from 4pm to 6pm to give the chefs a break.

Sula White Wine - Goa - India

Be rude not to then…

Sula Sauvignon Blanc - Goa - India

Sula was our first wine of the trip (most are imported and pricey) and our first experience with Indian wine.

It was cold and delicious and we didn’t waste a single drop.

Jaali Boutique - Goa - India

Jaali, as well as having the café, have a small boutique on site that is filled with beautiful handmade jewellery and homeware so I kept myself occupied in there for a little while.

Sacred Elephant Wall Hanging - Goa - India

Jaali Cafe and Boutique - Goa - India

We had made our minds up about what we were going to order as soon as we arrived.

After three weeks of gorging on curries we were both more than excited about having a little taste of something different.

The menu is predominantly middle eastern and mediteranean tapas with loads of options for vegans and veggie’s.

The seasonal specials were displayed on two chalkboards so we salivated over those while clockwatching.

5.59pm came and we didn’t hold back.

Salt and Pepper Calamari - Goa - India

Salt and pepper squid, chilli, pineapple and caramelised ginger syrup.

To. die. for.

The perfect amount of crispy.

Clams in White Wine Sauce - Goa - India

Clams, white wine, parsley and warm bread. And then more warm bread.

And then I slurped the bowl.

Go and get some clams!

Sharing Menu - Goa - India

Beef involtini, pine nuts, fresh herbs, raisins, spring onions, tomatoes.

I wasn’t eating meat until this… emotionally blackmailed G for the last piece.

Usually there is something that is just ok but even the cucumber and coconut salad was full of flavour. Who knew?!


Dining Al Fresco at Jaali - Goa - India

Just as the sun was about to head off elsewhere, the whole place became illuminated with a warm glow from a thousand starry lights above.

Moments after I took this photo people came flooding in. Scrambling for Chilli Basil Mojitos and chairs.

Dirty Dancing was being screened open air on a huge projector screen. As if it couldn’t get any better!

We stayed and swayed and drank our cocktails under the stars.

You’d do well to try the mixed fruit white sangria too. It’s very drinkable.

Sangria Cocktails at Jaali - Goa - India

If you’re around, goa ‘n’ give it a try.


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