Sunset Eats, Sri Lanka


Half of our nights staying at Dalawella beach have involved watching the sunset and walking three minutes along the sand in our bare feet to dinner.

Taking extra special care not to trod on any hermit crabs or beach dogs along the way.

Boxer Dog - Dalawella Beach - Sri Lanka


There are two beach shack restaurants/B&B’s  Wijaya and Rathna, that sit just a few metres from the shore both serving really good food at reasonable prices.

Rathna Guest House - Surf Shack - Dalawella Beach - Sri Lanka

Most of the time eateries on the beach will charge significantly more than places without the amazing view so if you are travelling and on a pretty tight budget, you can generally eat for less if you head back off the beach.

Red dress - Sri Lanka

Wandering along towards Unawatuna, there are lots of places to choose from.

It’s a three kilometre walk from where we are and the driving here is unruly to say the least. Lots of big buses overtaking around bends, car horns being hammered on left right and centre, dogs laying in the middle of the road as though nothing is happening.

If it is dark we take a one dollar tuk tuk (just to be on the safe side) to Welle Dewalaya Road where we found a couple of our favourite places so far.

Passing the array of rainbow coloured surf shacks and neighbourhood watchdogs.

Fruit Stall - Unawatuna - Sri Lanka

Stalls with grocers selling their fresh fruit.

DSCF0835 2


And catch of the day.

This place is as vivacious as can be when the sun goes down.

Of all the places that we have eaten since we’ve arrived, Bedspace Kitchen is without question the favourite. So much so that we ate dinner there twice.

Bedspace Kitchen - Unawatuna - Sri Lanka

Founded by two guys who realised that a trick was being missed with the middle of the road food that once was in Sri Lanka. There is a big push on using only the best Sri Lankan produce to cook up a storm.

They are definitely doing that.

It’s off the beaten track a little, down a back alleyway so had we not been doing foodie research beforehand we probably would have missed it.

We probably would have still missed it had it not been for the most friendly beggar man who showed us the right way with a huge toothless grin. Everyone here is so smily and good natured.

It’s a big open space, vibey and well lit with amazing chilled house music that makes everyone want to do a little seat dance every now and again.

You’ll want to start with cocktails. The passionfruit mojito was mouth watering.

Pork Dumplings - Bedspace Kitchen - Sri Lanka.jpg

As were the pork dumplings and the sauce that came with them. Amazing.

I haven’t eaten any meat since we left, I’m quite particular about knowing where it comes from. But I do enjoy a Double Cheeseburger meal every once in a while, I won’t lie.

I knew that the meat here was sustainably farmed so we had the chicken skewers too.

Chicken Satay Skewers - Bedspace Kitchen - Sri Lanka

Juicy, tender and the satay sauce was incredible! So much so that G asked for the recipe for it along with the black pork curry that he had for main.

The best curry he’s ever tasted nontheless.

The chef was really sweet and wrote it down by the measurements for him.


Fill your boots, foodies.

Pad Thai - Bedspace Kitchen - Sri Lanka

I went for Pad Thai and loved it.

Cute Kitten - Bedspace Kitchen - Unawatuna - Sri Lanka.jpg

As did somebody else that was hanging around for seafood droppages.

I did spare a couple of my prawns, I couldn’t resist that little face. Although she does live there and probably works suckers like me day and night.

Zouvlaki - Bedspace Kitchen - Sri Lanka.jpg

Nope, we didn’t have two mains.

The Souvlaki was wonderful too, that was our second time round.

Passionfruit Chocolate Brownie Dessert - Bedspace Kitchen - Sri Lanka

Excuse this tiny photo but I had to include it.

Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla ice cream and fresh passionfruit. The waiter noticed us jovially (but i was actually really serious) spoon bashing for the last few drops of drizzle. So he brought us over a whole dish full of tangy tastiness.

North Star - Unawatuna - Sri Lanka

Then we walked home along the beach, hopping around to avoid the crabs and burn off some of our brownie.

If you ever find yourself in Southern Sri Lanka, be sure to pop in and fill your face.

It’s Sri-lly delicious.

4 thoughts on “Sunset Eats, Sri Lanka

  1. Mel loving your blog!! Looks like having a wonderful time! I love Sri Lanka. I have done more of the north and now reading all about the south am dying to go back! Have the best time…. can’t wait for more updates of your travels xx

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