Love, Lavenham

The time has finally come.

We have woken up in England today for the last time in a while. Tonight we head off on our big adventure and have said all of our ‘I’ll be seeing you’s’.

Both of us finished work a couple of weeks before the trip so that we could overdose on family time to see us through. My Mum and I chat at least twice a day so this is a pretty big, emotional deal for us.

After spending a very cozy week rained in up North with my lovely lot (shout out to storm Doris for making that happen), we left. With only our backpacks and a weeks worth of iPlayer favourites we made the journey by train, tube and coach to Suffolk to while away our last few days in the countryside with G’s Grandma, Jojo.

There are so many delightful, tiny towns that are worth a visit here so you will find yourself quite spoiled for choice.

The most spellbinding for me was Lavenham.

lav 1.jpg

A brilliant medieval village dating back to the 1200’s…


Its streets are lined with beautiful timber houses. Each as crooked as the next and with more stories to tell than I could begin to imagine.


This one was built in 1530. And in its time has played the role of prison, workhouse, pub, chapel and a social club for US troops during WW2.

If walls could talk, I’m sure that these neighbours would make the most amazing dinner guests.

Lav 11.jpgLav10.jpg


Fascinated by the secrets that they all kept, I snatched any chance I could at a peek through their ancient windows.


They were as olde-worlde as can be and I would have moved in to any one of them in a flash. Original oak beams, exposed brick and inglenook fireplaces that would make your heart melt. Maybe leave your heels at the door though and if you’re taller than 6ft, this isn’t the place for you.

We wandered around for an hour or so, drifting in and out of higgledy piggledy tea and trinket shops.


Having to remind myself constantly that backpacks are not trinket friendly.


I’d have definitely bought this otherwise for my non existent kitchen.

I could have happily spent the entire afternoon exploring the nooks and crannies of this enchanting little place but as always our appetites over ruled.

The Swan is a 15th century hotel with quite a lovely spa nestled in the middle of the village. It’s a handy place to rest your head if you fancy a break away from the madness.

Walking in we were consumed by the smell of the blazing fires and mouth watering lunches being prepared. So we made ourselves comfortable and grazed our way through the rest of the afternoon.

A perfect day and a wonderful discovery.


I will most certainly go back.




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