If you go down to the woods today…


I fell in love with the New Forest instantly.

It was my first visit to Limewood that inspired my blog. I feel quite lucky to have been able to visit gorgeous places like this and think it would be just sinful not to talk about it.

Sharing is caring after all.


With never ending luscious green walks, the coast not far away and it’s less than two hours on the train from London, what’s not to love?

Our first visit was a point of no return. What began as a 13th century medieval hunting lodge is now a heavenly escape from all of the chaos that comes with city living. It was totally faultless and the most perfect way to step back from fast paced everyday life for a much needed breather.

Right away it’s as though you’ve arrived to stay with friends, who just happen to have exquisite taste in interior design, in their very generous country pile.


Roaring fires around every corner, come hither sofas spilling with perfectly plump cushions.

This place oozes perfection.

We made the Forest Hideaway Suite our home for the weekend.


And it was just begging to be hidden away in!

A two storey haven nestled away in its very own piece of the forest.

With a bottle of bubbles waiting and a full basket of fire wood to keep us cozy, we spent most of the day burrowed up on the sofa.


We did move a couple of times. To stretch and eat lunch out in our little garden.

Much to my dismay we decided to share so that we left plenty of space for dinner. The grilled steak and cheese sandwich (and triple cooked chips) was the best one I’ve ever tasted. G thought so too, though he didn’t get many chips. He never does.


You can order from a giant list of DVD’s and hibernate if that’s what you’re into but there is just so much to do so we couldn’t hang around here all day!

Starting with the incredible Herbhouse spa. We spent a couple of lazy hours sauntering between the whirlpool outside and the huge indoor hydro pool. Dipping in and out of the sauna from time to time. 


All of which have spectacular views of the surrounding woodland.

I treated myself to the Bamford signature facial and can’t put in to words how much I loved it. I woke myself up snoring, let’s just say that.


The Herbery is the most beautiful place to cool down in a fluffy robe.

A rooftop garden with the forest as its backdrop, filled with vibrant colours and aromas. Lavender, rosemary, chamomile, thyme, thai basil, mint and fennel. All of them are incorporated into the menus of the Raw & Cured food bar and in many of the treatments offered in Herb House.

And in the cocktails. Tried and tasted!

Both of us love to eat out. G is a chef and so he is very much the ‘proper foodie’ and I just really like to eat. So we were incredibly excited to be having dinner at H H & Co as we’d heard so many wonderful things.

It exceeded our both of our expectations.

The truffle ravioli that I had two nights on the run and would have had for Breakfast had that been an option, was completely scrumptious.


Utterly delicious fine food without any of the unnecessary fuss.

Apologies for the lack of foodie photos. I promise to take more now that I’m blogging.


I am a real animal lover so the best parts for me were the beautiful New Forest ponies. They roam around freely and you’ll often bump into one wandering along the edge of the trees.


They are incredibly friendly and are open to pony selfies provided you come loaded with fallen apples that you’ve picked up along your stroll.


I’m not usually one for staying at the same place twice but we went back again. And again.

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