And so it begins…

With the new year in full swing and 2016 now a distant memory, I was adamant that for once 2017 would be the year that I don’t make any un-fun and therefore unrealistic resolutions. 

Harmful choices that would result in me feeling deranged and in a sugar starved sweep of the nearest sweet shop by the first week of January. Honestly, if I lost a lb for every time I falsely promised myself I’d lose a stone before spring, I’d be invisible. 


I really wanted to commit to something that wasn’t a diet or dare I say it… dry January.

It’s freezing cold, my bank balance hurts and so do my skinny jeans. I need Pringles and Pinot to get me through this. Otherwise, what are we actually doing here?! 

No, there has to be a more exhilarating plan of action. I really started to think about the things that I’m passionate about. What would I love to do more of? What makes me happy?

We (my fella G and I) absolutely love to travel and find new places to explore. Whether it’s a cozy countryside weekend or a trip across the pond to the tropics, it’s on my list. 

Last year was jam packed with wonderful wanderlusting so this year really has a lot to live up to.

For that reason, we’ve gone slightly out of the ordinary. Instead of booking a snazzy two week jaunt to the Maldives (that’s still in bold capitals on the list nonetheless), we will be leaving our jobs, our beloved London pads and everything we call home and heading off on a year long adventure around the world!

My Mum will no doubt worry herself silly with wanting to know that I am alive and fed, so this ‘digi-diary’ will hopefully ease her mind. And if anyone else enjoys reading it, fab! I would love to hear your thoughts/recommendations/survival tips. We are going to need all the help we can get.

9 more sleeps….! 

Mel x

13 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. Hi Mel

    That’s fab, you’ll have a great time. I did what you’re doing way back in 1996. My favourite stop offs were New Zealand and Hawaii.

    Keep us all posted where you are. Some photos of your travels would be good too.


  2. I loved Hawaii, I did 2 month traveling around all the islands, it was amazing! I nearly quit the rat race to stay in Hawaii lol good luck, keep safe and enjoy! X


  3. absolute cracker, you really are , , this world is a wonderful place iv,e been around it 3 times and the best time to do it is while your,e young, so mel enjoy every single mile , have a wonderful safe adventure, keep in touch now and then, will be thinking bout you love from mary xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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